4 Natural Ingredients to Soothe Digestion and Manage Weight

With the amount of science behind it, the potential is huge. Scientifically backed ingredients shown to help:

  • cravings Helps Manage Unhealthy Cravings*
  • weight-scale Promote Weight Management*
  • esophagus Supports Smoother Digestion*
  • metabolism Boost Metabolism*
bio-x4 product
*All individuals are unique; as such, your results can and will vary

What is a Probiotic?

Probiotics are beneficial living bacteria and yeasts that are in charge of some of the most crucial processes in our digestive system, that also directly impact the entire body.1

Though we usually think of bacteria as germs that cause diseases, your body is always full of both good and bad bacteria. Adding Probiotics, also known as “good bacteria,” to your diet will help your body to achieve the correct balance of good and bad bacteria in the gut.2

This alone can help improve your digestive health and promote better overall-feeling and health. Probiotics have also been scientifically found to support weight loss, which is one of the main reasons people try them in the first place.3 However, in order to get the full benefits of probiotics, including weight management support, they must contain the correct strains of good bacteria, extracted in their most potent form compounded with the right support ingredients.4

The Biggest Challenge with
Probiotics is Potency and Absorption BIO-X4 has helped solve the problem!

Now you know that probiotics can have some really substantial health benefits. But if you’ve tried probiotics before, or if you’ve done your research, you know that not all probiotics are created equal. In truth, probiotics are one of the most difficult nutrients to find in high quality.

With their surge in popularity, many companies are releasing Probiotics containing cheap strains that can dissolve in your stomach before they reach the critical intestinal tract. Even quality strains that do make it into the intestinal tract don’t always survive very long. This is why probiotics can feel like a waste of money for the pocket, and in some unfortunate cases, like a tsunami for our insides.5

We've Helped Solve the Problem Bio-X4 has created a unique, powerful holistic system to help ensure you get a potent, science-backed probiotics, with incredibly high levels of absorption.6

Since science is what we’re all about, we’ve taken the five most potent, scientifically-backed probiotic strains known for weight management - in a pure, effective form... so absorption and potency are less of an issue.7*

In addition to the probiotic blend, we’ve added three complementary, weight management blends.

They help probiotics to survive longer in the digestive tract - which can greatly expand their potential benefits.8*

While each of these four blends has its own individual health benefits, they work in synergy to support the entire digestive process - making BIO-X4 an incredibly potent weight management formula.*

*All individuals are unique. As such, your results can and will vary.

Better Digestion & Better Health* Probiotics help promote weight
management and better digestion!*

Just one pill with each meal can help put you back in control of your weight, digestion and skin by helping your stomach recover from the strains caused by a poor diet.

  • gas bloating
    Reduced Gas & Bloating

    Fiber and other difficult-to-digest foods can cause embarrassing and uncomfortable issues like gas and bloating. Probiotics thrive on fiber, and can help reduce these unwanted digestive after-effects.9*

  • weight scale
    Promotes Weight Management

    Once your bacteria balance is achieved via the probiotic (75% good and 25% bad bacteria), some of the probiotics in our formula have been linked to weight management support.10*

  • smooter digestion
    Supports Smoother Digestion

    Probiotics add good bacteria to your system. By taking the right probiotics, your system can correct its ratio of good and bad bacteria, which helps it address a host of uncomfortable digestive issues. It may also lead to more frequent, regular bathroom habits. This support for digestion also facilitates better absorption of the nutrients in your food.11*

  • metabolism
    Boosts Metabolism

    By correcting the ratio of good and bad bacteria in your gut, probiotics have been found to help change the composition of your gut microbes, which can have a tangible effect on your metabolism. When the gut is healthier, your body processes foods better and faster, which can help you achieve your weight loss goals.12*

  • repair damage
    Helps Alleviate Impacts From Unhealthy Foods

    Probiotics help stabilize your stomach’s bacteria ratios. Years of neglect can turn your gut into a feeding cell for bad bacteria that can compromise your overall health. By adding probiotics, good living bacteria clusters, to your diet, the gut can rebalance and your whole body can function better, as it’s supposed to.13*

  • immune system
    Supports the Immune System

    The bad bacteria in your gut has the potential to make you sick. In some cases the bacteria can even toxify your bloodstream, through leaks in your gut. Simply by adding good bacteria to your diet through probiotics you can help maintain a healthy immune system. Research agrees. According to Dr. Allan Walker of Harvard Medical School, “Evidence from clinical research demonstrates that adding ‘good’ bacteria to the diet promotes a healthy digestive and immune system.”14*

  • flash
    Increases Energy Levels

    When your digestive system functions better, your food is processed better, into clean energy that your body can use immediately. This can help lead to more energy in your day to day life. Say goodbye to afternoon crash and that drowsy bloated feeling after a big meal.15*

  • side effects
    Unanticipated Benefits

    There can be a lot of anticipated and unanticipated benefits. This makes sense, because a healthy digestive system helps lead to better overall health, which will in turn helps create a better mood16, better sleep17, clearer skin18 more lustrous-looking hair19, stronger nails20 and too many other benefits to list...*

*All individuals are unique; as such, your results can and will vary.

America’s #1 Weight Management Probiotic A Revolutionary New Probiotic Compound

Other probiotics on the market sometimes cut corners. Maybe they don’t know the formula to make sure your body absorbs the probiotics you’re putting in your body or maybe they never thought to add a cocktail of support ingredients to promote weight management and better overall health. Get everything you need for your weight loss goals in one capsule.21*

BIO-X4 is not only a better probiotic. It is tailor made as a weight management tool. It’s a compound of four active synergistic ingredients that will help you with weight loss and power a better functioning digestive system for the long haul.

*All individuals are unique; as such, your results can and will vary.
Probiotics icon

A Better Probiotic

BIO-X4 is a finely engineered weight management probiotic that only uses high quality compounds. Each compound is tested by an independent 3rd party Laboratory. This helps ensure quality.

We do not bend from these high standards of quality.

So what’s in the probiotic strain? It is composed of 4 Billion Colony-Forming-Units Per Capsule**22, in 5 unique strains engineered to penetrate and support your entire digestive tract. Every strain plays a different part in different areas of the digestive system. This probiotic blend alone can put other probiotics to shame.

  • The L. Blend
    L. rhamnosus/ Lactobacilius plantarum/ L. acidophius

    The lactobacillus genus species that start with the letter L. can greatly benefit gut health, which in turn has a positive impact on your overall health.23*

  • The B. Blend
    B. lactis

    Supports digestion and helps fight against occasional constipation.24*

    B. animalis 5

    B animalis lives in the large intestines and is required for food digestion.25*

*All individuals are unique; as such, your results can and will vary.
**Calculated at time of manufacturing

More Than Just a Probiotic 3 Additional Synergistic Weight
Management Blends*

BIO-X4 is more than just a probiotic. It takes on weight management in a holistic four pronged attack. All the ingredients complement each other to help you manage your weight without making any radical lifestyle changes.

  • Digestive Enzymes

    Bio-X4’s enzyme blend is a concentrated formula of the three most essential enzymes. Each enzyme can greatly aid your body’s ability to process the food you eat. Instead of automatically converting excess amounts of food directly into fat and toxins, the enzymes break down the essential nutrients and filter out the waste.*

    • Amylase Amylase – breaks down carbohydrates
    • Lipase Lipase – breaks down fats
    • Bromelain Bromelain – breaks down proteins26

    Especially in today’s world of processed foods, adding an enzyme blend can be essential for weight management and more energy. When you see celebrities and wonder how they’re so thin, it may be because they take these enzymes with every meal.27*

    Digestive Enzymes
  • EGCG (Green Tea Extract)

    The active ingredient in Green Tea, EGCG is a thermogenic ingredient. Adding it to your diet can be one of the easiest ways to help improve your fat oxidation rate. Our extract has 50% EGCG and you would be hard pressed to find another supplement this strong. Along with a cleaner digestive tract from the probiotics and enzymes to break down the foods you eat, EGCG promises to boost your metabolism.28*

  • Caralluma Fimbriata

    It’s not exactly a huge leap in logic, but weight gain and poor digestion is often the result of overeating. When we have an imbalanced digestive system, we can actually begin to crave the foods that can cause the most damage, because our body begins to believe they are our best energy sources. Caralluma Fimbriata helps you better manage and calm your unhealthy cravings. This is essential because overeating can seriously hinder your weight loss goals and the body’s ability to process food. You can only digest so much food in a day and this extract will do some of the toughest work for you.29*

*All individuals are unique; as such, your results can and will vary.

4 Essential Weight Management Tools in 1 Capsule

Los Angeles nutrition specialist to the stars, Dr. Amy Lee, designed this product so that the cocktail of weight management nutrients she recommends to her patients would be available to everyone in an affordable, easy to consume package.

To get all the benefits of BIO-X4, you would have had to buy 3 unique digestive enzyme compounds, 2 high-end probiotic blends, one bottle of Caralluma Fimbriata capsules, and one bottle of 100 milligram EGCG capsules.

All in all, you would have walked out of there with 7 bottles of supplements and it would have run you about $300 for just one month's supply...

It's easy to see why BIO-X4 has been helping so many people... it saves you considerable amounts of money and it has all the supplements you need. Now if you buy 3 bottles you’re discounted 62% on the original asking price. This is because we want this product to be accessible to everyone. We want every American to have the tools to help tackle their weight and digestion problems.

And if it doesn’t work there’s even a 90 day money back guarantee, so there’s no risk to you if it doesn’t work for you. That’s how confident we are that you will love our supplement.

BIO-X4 label
Buy now at a 62% discount and if you don’t see the difference get your purchase price back, no questions asked.

Nucific Bio-X4 Reviews

5 out of 5
Based on 3,547 Reviews

    Dec 20 2019

    Verified Reviewer

    5 out of 5

    Excellent Product

    I was initially skeptical about this product. However, after a month’s daily use, I have more energy and less appetite. Probiotics are healthy at any age, especially for me at 54 years young! Thank you, Dr. Amy Lee for your research and this wonder pill! Warmly, Holly Torgerson*

    *All individuals are unique; as such, your results can and will vary.

    Dec 18 2019

    Verified Reviewer

    5 out of 5

    Lost weight, feel great, tons of energy!

    Totally skeptical at first, I decided to jump in and give this product a try for 30 days. I was astonished that within the first 10 days I was sleeping better, waking up refreshed and had much less of an appetite! My sweet tooth was gone completely in the first two weeks and now that I’ve been taking it for 2+ months I have noticed a huge decrease in not just the amount of food I eat but I’m able to choose foods that are healthier for me instead of giving in to the bad food choices I was making before.*

    *All individuals are unique; as such, your results can and will vary.

    Dec 12 2019

    Verified Reviewer

    5 out of 5

    A future healthy Texan

    I have been taking BIO X4 for 3 weeks now and have enjoyed more energy and better digestion. In addition, I am following several of the Nucific suggestions: 1) eating less 2) healthy snacks between meals 3) more regular exercising 4) drinking more water, etc. I have even tried the Salmon recipe made with Saki, Miso Paste, Soy Sauce & Honey which was absolutely fabulous. Everything so far seems to agree with me. I have lost a few pounds and feel like I am on my way to achieving my overall health and weight loss goals.*

    *All individuals are unique; as such, your results can and will vary.
  • JIM

    Dec 10 2019

    Verified Reviewer

    5 out of 5


    I have been taking the product for 3 weeks. My energy level is up, digestion has improved. I’m looking and feeling terrific.*

    *All individuals are unique; as such, your results can and will vary.
Nucific's Principles-background

Nucific's Principles

  • The Best Ingredients
  • Cutting Edge Scientifically-Backed Formulas
  • Peak Body Performance

Nucific is a California company committed to producing high quality supplements. Our mission is to offer cutting-edge products backed by science that can help your body operate at its prime level, the way it was designed to. In this day and age, we often lack essential nutrients. This means many of us are not as healthy as we should be. Our goal is to give the consumer the tools to help reclaim their health in a market today where healthy foods aren’t easy to come by affordably.

Nucific also wants to give back to those in the most need. We are proud to sponsor Action Against Hunger. AAH is a global organization leading the fight against global hunger by helping people around the world access clean water, healthy food, training, and healthcare.

Dr. Amy Lee

Dr. Amy Lee

Dr. Amy Lee has dedicated her professional life to being on the cutting edge of nutritional health. And her reputation reflects that: She’s given medical talks for HBO, Hulu, PBS, and UCLA’s famed “Vital Signs” series.

At UCLA, Dr. Lee worked with renowned endocrinologist, David Heber, and internist, Zhaoping Li, who taught her everything about obesity medicine. She eventually accepted a fellowship training position in medical nutrition at the Center of Human Nutrition at UCLA. She and her colleagues ran clinical trials on weight control methods, including thermogenic weight loss aids. Their work was published in the medical journal, Nutrition & Metabolism.

She constantly draws on this considerable knowledge for everything she creates with Nucific. Dedicated to understanding exactly how food behaves in your body, Dr. Lee also serves as Chief Medical Officer for more than 30 nutrition clinics in Southern California.

As Nucific’s Head of Nutrition, Dr. Lee uses a unique combination of powerful digestive treatments, careful nutrition adjustments, and cutting-edge enzyme activators to help you achieve the body and life you deserve.


  • How many bottles should I order?

    Many of our customers enjoy taking advantage of the 62% discounted three bottle option. For those who wish to share with their families, we recommend investing in our even more discounted 6-bottle option.

  • For optimal results, take 1 capsule of BIO-X4 with each meal – breakfast, lunch and dinner. Supplementing each meal with digestive help that assists in processing your food and extracting an optimum amount of nutrients helps give your body the tools it requires to operate at its peak level of performance.*

  • Preferably, you want to take BIO-X4 consistently on a daily basis, to allow your body to build up a prime level of enzymes, nutrients and beneficial bacteria. If you happen to miss a dose, or even an entire day, just continue as normal the next day.

  • Everyone's digestive system is a bit different. The supplement will begin to work on the first dose, but it may take a bit longer to see noticeable results. The best course to take is to give BIO-X4 at least 60 days to fully get to work. There’s no risk in doing so, since there is a 90 day money-back guarantee for your purchase price.*

  • Currently, this is the only place where BIO-X4 is being sold.

*All individuals are unique; as such, your results can and will vary.


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